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Streamline your meal planning with our Notion Kitchen Template. This digital tool organizes your recipes, plans your meals, and generates shopping lists, all in one place.

Key Features:

  • Recipe Collection: Store, organize, and categorize your favorite recipes.
  • Kitchen Conversion Tables: Easily convert measurements for any recipe.
  • In-Stock Ingredients & Ready-to-Cook Recipes: Know what's in your pantry and what you can cook with available ingredients.
  • Customizable Meal Planning: Plan meals including your recipes, convenience meals, and pantry items.
  • Pantry/Ingredients Database: Start your meal planning with our pre-built database of over 100 common ingredients.
  • Shopping Lists: Generate shopping lists from your pantry items with ease.

Please note, this is a digital product and will only work in Notion.

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Notion Kitchen Template - Meal Planner and Recipe Organizer

Recipe Collection
Kitchen Conversion Tables
In-Stock Ingredients & Ready-to-Cook Recipes
Customizable Meal Planning
Pantry/Ingredients Database
Shopping Lists

Notion Meal Planner

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